Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Project 5: Personal Branding Through Internet

For your success you should have a skill to market your self. Many people can develop their personal branding through internet. Now is your chance to do better than them.  Make a blog to promote your self!
Please publish your blog address here as comment.
The latest is 20 December 2013.


Project 4 Accounting International Class: Email Someone Overseas.

To increase your international experience, you are required to email someone overseas.  Send the copy of your email to:
The latest is 20 Desember 2013.


Project 3 Accounting International Class: Application Letter & Resume

Please prepare application letter and Resume (CV). The company you apply should be a real company that publish job vacancy.  You don't have to send your application to that company. Just prepare the application letter & Resume.

Send your application letter & Resume to (as an email attachment).
The latest is 20 December 2013.


Project 2 Accounting International Class: Communication through Printed Media

Please promote something by using printed media.  Email this project as attachment to:

The latest is 20 Desember 2013.



Monday, December 9, 2013

Collection of Student Assignment: Communicating UNSOED to Public via Youtube

1. Aji Bagus Panuntun click here

2. Reni Faustina click here

3. Ijra Dabela Laksono click here

4. Sekar Adyningrum click here

5. Hanan Arn Hilda click here

6. Khamida Lastun Nisa click here

7. Finandita Putri Alifa click here

8. Uki Agustina click here

9. Melita Sari click here

10. Rizki Gigih Apriti click here

11. Friska Triwulandari click here

12. Sasta Anindia click here

13. Anisa Intan Riandini click here

14. Yanti Oktavia click here

15. Fiqri Wibysono click here